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Maizy Cat Litter

From £12.99

An absorbent and high-quality litter, Maizy provides a convenient, cost effective and eco-friendly alternative to standard clay-based litters.

Made with 100% natural puffed and non-waxy corn kernels, sustainably grown in the EU, and made without any GMOs. The fast-clumping formula very quickly soaks up urine and odours, locking in smells and keep all those litter tray whiffs away.

All urine and litter are fully flushable and compostable, simply remove with a scoop. A truly cost effective and low maintenance litter, that with proper use and removal of waste clumps, will only need to be completely emptied and cleaned every 2-3 weeks. The natural dust free formula means Maizy Cat Litter is suitable for both kittens and adult cats. 

Key Features

  • 100% biodegradable & earth friendly
  • Ultra absorbent fast clumping traps odours
  • Flushable & compostable litter


100% natural puffed, non-waxy EU corn kernels - Fast clumping to lock in smells and odours

Size & Weight

No Size & Weight

Care Guidelines

Please note, while litter and urine can be flushed, cat faeces should be disposed of via normal household waste.

Please be aware that Maizy can be tasty! Although safe in small amounts, if your pet acquires a taste for this litter, they should be monitored and then changed to a different litter type if excessive consumption continues.


No Composition

Feeding Guide

No Feeding Guide



Simona 28/02/2023

A 5 star litter!

I have but this litter from our local branch. The product does everything is says on the bag: no smell, easy to clean (flushible). The only thing that is not ok is the fact that your pet will be carrying some particules outside the tray. I have to mention that have a covered tray and all the time are ussing tray bags for litter. I recommend this litter!

Fiona 26/02/2023

Love it!

Changed from another clumping litter that was very good but so heavy to carry. Maisy is much lighter, cats seem to be ok with it and no odour. Only problem is that it tracks easily but then so did the other one!

Lawrence 23/02/2023

Easy to Use and Odour Free

Maizy litter clumps very well. Fill the box 7cm deep to prevent clumps from sticking to the bottom. Use a strainer with larger holes to make cleaning easier. This stuff traps odours much better than clay litter. My reason for use is that the product is not made from strip-mined bentonite clay. I put mine in the food waste compost bin rather than flushing it. The cat likes it too!

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