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99% Natural Rubber Ball Dog Toy

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Looking for a rubber dog toy that�s both strong and bouncy? The Great & Small Natural Rubber Ball is perfect for every playtime.
Many cheaper balls use low levels of synthetic materials, with most balls only containing 40% rubber. This solid ball is made with an astonishing 99% natural rubber! The high rubber content gives this toy increased durability, better bounciness and ultimately gives you much better value for money. This chew resistant and hardy toy is perfect for active dogs, interactive play and fetch games. The bright orange colour helps this ball stand out, even in the long grass! Finally, a tough bouncy rubber ball that actually lasts!

Key Features

  • Made with 99% Natural Rubber (competitors only use 40% synthetic rubber)
  • The very high rubber content makes this toy last longer
  • Bouncier, tougher, and more durable than the rest

This Great & Small Toy is made for dogs but not indestructible. Supervise your dog at all times when playing with toys, and inspect regularly for signs of damage. Discard and replace if necessary.


99% Rubber - Making it stronger, super bouncy and more durable

Size & Weight

Available in sizes: 5cm, 6cm, 7.5cm (Approximately)

Care Guidelines

No Care Guidelines


No Composition

Feeding Guide

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