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Slow Down Melamine Pet Dish

From £11.99

The stylish Great & Small Slow Down Bowl is a clever feeding tool that stops your dog gobbling their dinner.

The unique design allows food to disperse around the shapes, so your pet can take their time to eat. This helps reduce the digestive problems associated with fast eating.

This clever dishwasher safe pet bowl also has a nonslip base designed to provide maximum stability.

Made with durable hardwearing plastic resin, the Great & Small Slow Down Bowl is the ultimate tough dog dish.

Key Features

  • Aids digestion
  • Helps reduce flatulance
  • Encourages crunching of food


No Materials

Size & Weight

Available in three sizes: 17.5cm, 22cm & 27cm (Approximate)

Care Guidelines

No Care Guidelines


No Composition

Feeding Guide

No Feeding Guide



Tony 02/10/2022

Slows down the beagle

Great to slow down the beagle, saving her from gulping down her food. She won't be sick from eating her dinner too quickly. She doesn't yet chew each mouthful forty times. We're still working on her table manners.

Hannah Reed 23/03/2022


I have a Labrador who tended to wolf his food down on a daily basis and was often throwing up after meals. This has been an absolute life saver as he now takes his time and since purchasing this he has never vomited after food!

Alice 06/03/2021

Great bowl!

Purchased this, as our dog wolfed down her food, then puked and we wanted to slow her down. This bowl does exactly that. Its also hard wearing and a good looking bowl!

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