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Norah's Small Animal Ceramic Food Bowl

From £3.99

Norah's Ceramic Food Bowl has been perfectly designed with small animals in mind. The clever low-profile design prevents the bowl from being tipped over and spilling water or food.

Made with durable dolomite, an eco- friendly alternative to traditional earthenware. Fired at a lower temperature, less energy is needed to create this bowl. Dolomite also degrades quickly, breaking down to clay in 20-30 years rather than thousands like standard ceramic.

This handy food bowl is chew-proof, easy to clean and less likely to harbour bacteria than other materials. Available in 8cm and 16cm options, this is the perfect bowl for Rabbits, Guinea Pigs and other small animals.

Key Features

  • Made from dolomite an eco friendly alternative to earthenware
  • Low profile design reduces tipping
  • Available in 2 sizes ideal for both larger and smaller furries


No Materials

Size & Weight

Available in 8cm and 16cm sizes.

Care Guidelines

No Care Guidelines


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Feeding Guide

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