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Felipure Unscented Cat Litter

From £7.99

Looking for the best clay based litter which blocks odours for up to 72 hours?

Felipure single cat contains extra strength Odour Block, an antibacterial coating to help keep your cat's litter tray fresh and hygienic, giving you peace of mind that your single cat home is protected from unpleasant litter tray odours.

Felipure is fast clumping, using natural mineral granules with Odour Block to absorb liquid rapidly, creating solid and easy to clean clumps. The quick absorption of liquid, and the virtually dust-free formula ensures Felipure is Low Tracking and gentle on delicate paws.

Felipure Single Cat Litter comes complete in an easy to carry, 100% recyclable bag, scented or unscented.

Please note that only the 6kg bag comes with an easy to carry handle due to weight.

Key Features

  • Felipure pro-clumping formula
  • 72 hour odour block™ control
  • Fast clumping | low tracking


Bentonite Clay - With Odour Block� technology for up to 72hrs of freshness

Size & Weight

Available Sizes: 6kg, 12kg.

Care Guidelines

No Care Guidelines


No Composition

Feeding Guide

No Feeding Guide



Andrea Dalton 02/11/2022

The only litter for our cat

Like most people I went through other litters for comparison and ended up donating them to a cat charity. Felipure is as good as cat litter can be: in the first place for our ragdoll boy in providing him with a clean & comfy environment to discretely do his business and secondly it is so much nicer for the litter duty warden/me. I have stopped searching for alternatives just to save a few pounds - ergo I have stopped wasting my time. This is now my go-to!

Jennie 19/09/2022

Has this litter changed?

My small cat has been using this litter from some time - wonder if it has changed since the size of and the packaging has changed. She now seems to 'carry' the litter in her paws so I find it in places where she sleeps.

Sarah 08/08/2021

Best litter ever

I have tried every litter and this one is the best. The clumping is unreal and you can't smell anything

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