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King Cat Dental Cat Toy


Designed to enrich the lives of cats and their owners, the King Catnip Dental Stalks are perfect for keeping your cats' teeth clean and satisfying their need to chew.
These clever cat chews are made using the dried stalks from the catnip plant. This ensures no part of the catnip plant goes to waste, with the potent leaves being used across the King Catnip range. Chewing on these catnip stalks will help reduce plaque build-up on cats' teeth and aid in reducing smelly breath. Chomping down on these crunchy sticks will help satisfy cats chewing needs and the highly attractive catnip scent will stimulate natural play behaviour. Give your cat the finest chew around with the King Catnip Dental Stalks.

Key Features

  • Catnip stalks for cats
  • Perfect for chewing
  • Contains a highly attractive scent


100% North American Catnip Stalks - Perfect for chewing and keeping your kitty stimulated

Size & Weight

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Care Guidelines

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Feeding Guide

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