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King Cat Garden Cat Toy


The King Catnip Grass Garden is perfect for fulfilling your cats natural grass eating behaviour and provides a wholesome dietary supplement.
The Cat Garden contains premium cat grass seeds, soil, and a handy small shovel. Everything you need to get growing nutritious beneficial grass for your cat. This grass is packed with vitamins and essential fibre to aid in your cats digestion, stool function and to help prevent hairballs. These tasty grass stalks are also a brilliant source of B Vitamins and antioxidants to support cats' immune systems. A fantastic supplement to benefit all cats, especially indoor cats with no access to clean fresh grass. Growing cat grass helps stop cats from eating and destroying house plants. Satisfy your cats grass craving in a natural and safe way, with the easy to grow King Catnip Grass Garden.

Key Features

  • Grow your own cat grass garden
  • Helps digestion and removal of fur balls
  • High in fibre and a good source of vitiamins


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Size & Weight

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Care Guidelines

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Feeding Guide

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