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King Catnip Frog Cat Toy


Designed to enrich the lives of cats and their owners, the King Catnip Frog is the perfect cat toy for encouraging play and keeping your feline friend happy.
This premium potent catnip is natural, organic, and planted in North American fields, that are fed by a glacial mountain. These growing conditions ensure this is the highest quality catnip and mean your cat will truly get the most out of their toy. Using only the leaves, the most potent part of the catnip plant, the King Catnip Banana is fully stuffed with pure catnip. For easy restuffing, this cute cat toy features a resealable Velcro side. Pure potent catnip designed to stimulate cats' natural instincts and provide great entertainment for owners. This adorable Catnip Frog cat toy is sure to have your cat hopping with joy every playtime.

Key Features

  • High quality catnip filled toy for cats
  • Contains only 100% organic catnip leaves
  • Perfect for encouraging play & activity


100% Finest North American Catnip in a fun, colourful fabric outer

Size & Weight

No Size & Weight

Care Guidelines

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Feeding Guide

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