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Carneval Serrano Ham Trotter Dog Chew


Created in Spain using only 100% natural ingredients, the Carneval Serrano Ham Trotter is a palatable and nutrient rich chew, sure to delight your dog.
Serrano is a flavourful, natural ham, cured in the country air. Serrano ham is rich in protein and boasts many benefits for a dog's health (including skin and coat support). Serrano ham bones are a fabulous option for chewing activities to help alleviate boredom, increase endorphin release (to calm and satisfy pets) and aid in reducing plaque and tartar. Serrano Ham Bones (ham bone, half ham bone, and trotters) are not boiled, but are subjected to a natural drying process in order to maintain all of their nutritional values and prevent them from splintering quite so easily when chewed or digested by your pet.

Key Features

  • 100% natural ingredients
  • Made in Spain
  • Rich in proteins, calcium and phosphorous

Serrano Ham Bones are natural bones and so therefore can sometimes splinter. Always ensure the chew is large enough so that the dog cannot swallow it whole. Dogs should always be supervised when chewing to prevent swallowing large pieces. Fresh drinking water should always be available. Feed on a non-stainable surface.


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Size & Weight

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Care Guidelines

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100% Pork.

Analytical Constituents:

Protein: 36.2%, Fat: 26.1%, Crude Ash: 24.6%, Fibre: 4.1%, Moisture: 9.0%, 380 Kcal/100G. Calcium: 6478Mg/100G, Phosphorous: 2426Mg/100G, Collagen: 31.1%

Feeding Guide

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