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ChewOn Cod Bone Dog Chew ChewOn Cod Bone Dog Chew

ChewOn Cod Bone Dog Chew


The tough and tasty Chew On range provides the ultimate gnawing experience for your dog.
Created with 100% Cod Skin, this tasty fish bone shaped chew is sure to be adored. The perfect treat to encourage your dog’s natural chewing behaviour and provide mental enrichment. Packed with tasty goodness and flavour, this bar is made with only natural fresh cod skins. Regular chewing and gnawing on the Cod Skin Bone will help remove plaque and tartar from dogs’ teeth and aid in keeping their mouth healthy. A truly tasty and healthy chew, to prevent boredom and delight your dog.

Key Features

  • Healthy chew treat for dogs
  • Encourages chewing which can assist with oral care
  • 100% fresh cod skin

Always ensure the chew is large enough so that the dog cannot swallow it whole. Dogs should always be supervised when chewing to prevent swallowing large pieces. Fresh drinking water should always be available. Feed on a non-stainable surface. Please note: The 5for4 promotion means the cheapest item is free.


No Materials

Size & Weight

Approx size: 12cm

Care Guidelines

No Care Guidelines


100% cod skin

Feeding Guide

No Feeding Guide



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