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Green Elk Antler Full Dog Chew

From £7.99

Low in fat and packed with minerals, Green Elk Full Antlers provide a fantastic natural chew for dogs.

Rich in protein and calcium, this Antler Chew is fantastic for supporting dog’s dental and mental health. All Green Elk Full Antlers are sustainably sourced from naturally shed free roaming Red Deer.

This antler is long lasting and unprocessed to provide a truly satisfying chew. With no odour, no splintering and little mess, this is an exciting chew for dogs and a convenient chew for owners.

Full Antlers are cut to size and have their sharp points removed. Being a natural product no two antlers are ever the same, meaning your dog gets an exciting new antler every time.

Key Features

  • Naturally shed from free roaming red deer
  • Full of mineral protein and calcium whilst being low in fat
  • Sustainably sourced and long-lasting


Naturally shed antler - sourced from free roaming red deer

Size & Weight

Available in four sizes:

Small - 12cm, 45-75g

Medium - 15cm, 90-120g

Large - 18cm, 120-240g

Jumbo - 20cm, 200-260g

Care Guidelines

No Care Guidelines



100% Natural Deer antler

Feeding Guide

No Feeding Guide



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