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Hamster Ball


The Great & Small Hamster Playball is fun for your pet and provides exercise, fun and stimulation.
The Great & Small Hamster Playball is well ventilated and easy for a Russian Dwarf Hamster to exercise in. The Great & Small Hamster Playball must be used on a level floor and must not be used from a height. The playball should only be used for up to twenty minutes at a time and your pet must be allowed access to food, water and rest immediately after. The Great & Small Hamster Playball must not be used in direct sunlight. Minimal cleaning with pet safe disinfectants and warm water is required. Your pet must be supervised in the playball at all times. The Great & Small Hamster Ball is recommended for Russian Dwarf Hamsters only.

Key Features

  • Playball suitable for dwarf hamsters and mice
  • Provides fun and exercise for your pet
  • Well ventilated and easy to clean


Plastic - Safe and Durable

Size & Weight

Approximate size: 12cm.

Care Guidelines

No Care Guidelines


No Composition

Feeding Guide

No Feeding Guide



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