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Junior & Dwarf Rabbit Food


Great & Small Junior and Dwarf Rabbit food is a nutritious, wholesome and yummy complementary food for young or dwarf breed rabbits.
Made in England, Great & Small Junior and Dwarf Rabbit food are packed full of carefully selected high-quality ingredients. Full of flavour and variety, Great & Small Junior and Dwarf Rabbit food has been formulated to suit the requirements of young or small breed rabbits and to keep them in tip-top health. Micro ingredients ensure each individual tasty morsel can be easily managed and enjoyed.

Key Features

  • Complementary food formulated for junior and dwarf breed rabbits
  • Packed full of healthy nutritious pieces
  • Variety in every bowlful


No Materials

Size & Weight

Available size: 3kg.

Care Guidelines

No Care Guidelines


Whole oats, micro maize, micro peas, micro soya beans, micro wheat, grass nuts, rabbit pellets, cereal extrusions, alfalfa pellets, soya triangles, carrot flakes, alfalfa.

Typical Analysis:

Protein 16%, Oil 5%, Fibre 9.5%, Ash 5.5%, Vitamin A 2,500 iu/kg, cu (as cupric sulphate) 3.6mg/kg. Vitamin Levels Guarenteed to best before date.

Feeding Guide

No Feeding Guide




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