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Norah's Bamboo Small Animal Bristle Brush


Give your small animal the gentle groom they deserve with Norah's Bamboo Bristle Brush.
Regular grooming keeps fur healthy and strengthens the bond between owner and pet. Created with eco-friendly bamboo which is a 100% natural, renewable, and sustainable source. For every bamboo crop that is used, an equal amount is replanted which cuts down on harmful C02 production. Bamboo provides a more durable but lighter handle to make pampering your pet even easier. Regular grooming will boost circulation, stimulate natural oils, and promote a healthy shiny and soft coat. A brush designed to be friendly to the environment and perfect for keeping your furry friend looking fabulous.

Key Features

  • Made with eco friendly bamboo
  • A great way of bonding with your pet
  • Helps boost circulation and improve coat condition


Bamboo - Stronger, lighter and more sustainable

Size & Weight

No Size & Weight

Care Guidelines

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Feeding Guide

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