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Norah's Heart Oat Cookies Small Animal Treats


Delicious, natural, and tempting hay cookies to reward your small animal. Tasty and healthy Norah's Heart Oat Cookies are the perfect treat for Rabbits, Guinea Pigs, Hamsters, and other small animals.
Made from high quality dust extracted meadow hay that has been compressed into a convenient and cute heart shape. Made with a mixture of oats, banana, carrot, and a dried vegetable mix containing delicious pumpkin, beetroot, and sweet pepper. Packed with flavour, these heart shaped cookies are perfect for showing your small animal just how much you love them. Each ingredient provides many health benefits, and these tasty cookies support the digestive system, urinary tract and vision. These high fibre cookies are perfect for feeding as it is or can be broken up scattered and hidden to encourage natural foraging behaviours.

Key Features

  • Natural & healthy treat
  • Suitable for small animals & rodents
  • A nutritious mix of oat bran and veggies


No Materials

Size & Weight

No Size & Weight

Care Guidelines

No Care Guidelines



Vegetable Cookie: Oat Bran, Banana, Carrot, Dried Vegetable Mix (sweet pepper beetroot & pumpkin) Wheat Bran, Calendula, Mint.

Plantain Cookie: Oat Bran, Banana, Carrot, Plantain leaf, Wheat Bran, Calendula, Mint.

Analytical Constituents:

Vegetable Cookie: Fibre 8.9%, Protein 8.6%, Fat 3.4%.

Plantain Cookie: Fibre 9.7%, Protein 9.3%, Fat 3.4%.

Feeding Guide

No Feeding Guide



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