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Squirrel Proof Premium Nut Bird Feeder


Enticing the beauty of Britain's wild birds into your garden couldn't be simpler with Great & Small's impressive range of Wild Bird Feeders and foods.
Rust & frost proof and designed to withstand the elements, Great & Small Squirrel Proof Premium Nut Feeders are made from durable materials and have a magnetic lid to make refilling the wild bird feeder easier. These premium feeders are cleverly encased to allow little birds to feed safely and are easy to clean with a little warm soapy water. A large loop handle means you can hang the feeder from a feeding station, bracket or tree branch out of the reach of predators and sit back and watch as your feathered friends pop by and refuel. Great & Small are so confident in the range of their Premium Wild Bird Feeders that they offer a 5 year workmanship guarantee.

Key Features

  • Premium squirrel proof peanut feeder
  • Rust and frost proof
  • Magnetic lid for easy refilling


Rust and frost proof metal - Perfect for year round feeding

Size & Weight

Available Size: (measurements exclude handle)40cm high, width of cage 24cm.

Care Guidelines

No Care Guidelines


No Composition

Feeding Guide

No Feeding Guide



David 03/08/2023

Squirrel Proof Premium Bird Nut Seed Feeders

I have purchased one of the GreatSmall Squirrel Proof Premium Nut Feeders, because they seemed to have a larger diameter cage than many other manufacturers of similar products. I have tried others in an attempt to limit the access for large birds like Crows etc, and have found that they always seem to succeed in reaching through with their beaks to decimate the supply of nuts for the smaller birds rather quickly. The GreatSmall Premium Feeders have managed to keep the nut supply intact for longer as the larger birds cannot reach far enough. Therefore a great success for the smaller birds and this has prompted me to buy a further 2 X Premium Seed Feeder cages to keep my visiting small birds happy. A second bonus feature of these cages is the fact that there is a screw fixing under each of the cages, which enables a plastic tray to be screwed up underneath the feeder. This catches much of the seed droppings which accumulate and allow other small ground feeding birds to enter the cage and enjoy the excess. It would appear that the GreatSmall company do not have a standard tray available. However I found that an inexpensive green plastic flower pot tray from a DIY store 30.5 cms in diameter, can be screwed up underneath by drilling a central hole in the tray and fixing with a 10mm bolt about 4 cms in length. Finally, I should add that the method of refilling of these Premium Nut Seed Feeders has been made very easy by GreatSmall with a convenient magnetic catch on the lid of the cage, to allow filling in situ. Unlike other manufacturers products where dismantling the cages is necessary for filling.

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